What is an SBI Clerk Exam Pattern? and Marking Scheme

Most of the young graduates are would like to get a chance to be a part within SBI. So for that, you just need to know, how much the level of competition and smart way to prepare for your exam. There are Lakhs of candidates appearing for an exam so to be smart you must know the updated SBI exam pattern and marking scheme. here you can get what is the current exam pattern and markng scheme of sbi clerk exam 2020

Hope you can understand the exam pattern of sbi clerk exam. Also you need some important tips and tricks to overcome SBI Clerk exam 2020:

Be clear in the SBI Clerk syllabus: Sort the important topic from sbi clerk syllabus do practice regularly. And be master on those topics spend more time on them.

Create Study table:  Create a time table and don't cheat, practice-based on the study plan without any cheating. Spend to practice more on subjects which you are weak at.


Practice regularly: Allocate time for each familier topic and give preference to practicing regularly.

Also, give 2 hrs daily to revise and recall the new tips and tricks which u learned newly.



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